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Natural Materials 
Suzuran Scent Tofu Cat Litter

Made from natural materials, it is very easy to use and clean, effectively keeping your room clean and your cat's health.

  • Ingredients: Wood powder, soybean curb residue, food-grade corn flour

  • Volume: 6L



Discover the benefits

Natural materials: Chemical free. Eco-friendly and Safe. Protect your family and your cat.

Natural scent: A fresh suzuran scent with strong odor control power. Leave your home clean and smelling great, and is easy for cats to accept.

Made in Japan: Reliable products, with high quality.

Dust Free: Protects respiratory health for cats and your family.


Burnable: The Main ingredient is tofu. It can disposed as burnable garbage.


Eco-friendly: Cat litter is made of natural materials. Biodegradable and composting for the garden.


Light: Tofu cat litter is lighter than general cat litter. It is easy to replace!

Mixable: Mixing with My Baby Pet Life Tofu cat litter corn scent and green tea scent, wrap up this complex bouquet with a clean, graceful finish.

How to use

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1. Spread a 5 to 7 cm layer in a cat litter box. Mixing with conventional cat litter may help your cat get used to this new product earlier.

2. Please refill to maintain a 5 to 7 cm layer when the clumps are removed.

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➢ Flushable 

   The clump is flushable. Please flush a limited 200ml capacity clump at a time. Drainpipe may block if you flush in bulk.


➢ Burnable

    Can disposal as burnable garbage.

Safety Guide

  1. This product is only suitable for cat toilets and cannot be used for other purposes.

  2. Do not use empty bags as toys for toddlers, children, or pets.

  3. Do not use or store this product in a fire or damp place.

  4. Do not consume this product.

  5. Keep this product out of the reach of young children, children, and pets.

※Descriptions and images are for reference only.

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