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Pet Sheet FAQ


What is the powder inside when you cut the pad?

Urinary pads are formed by sandwiching an absorbent (pulp or polymer absorbent material) between the surface layer and the back waterproof layer and fixing the periphery. When you cut it, the absorbent inside will flow out. So please don't cut it, it should be used directly.


My puppy keeps chewing the pee pad, what should I do?

Please manage to prevent dogs from biting objects, or use trays with anti-bite nets to help prevent dogs from biting objects.


What if the pad contents inside are eaten by mistake?

The inside of the urine pad is made of cotton-like pulp, polymer-absorbent materials, and absorbent paper. If it is eaten by mistake, it will also be excreted with excrement. However, if there is any abnormality in your pet, please consult a veterinarian immediately.

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