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 Cat Litter FAQ


What is cat litter?

Cat litter is where cats bury feces or urine, which helps the owner deal with the disposal and cleaning of cat excrement and makes your life with cats much easier.


How to train a cat’s toileting habits?

1. When placing the litter box, choose a quiet place so that the cat can rest assured.

2. If the cat feels scared, take it to the litter box.

3. Keep the litter box and its surroundings clean.

4. If it is well-behaved, please compliment it.


How do cats go to the bathroom?

On average, cats go to the toilet 3-5 times a day.

Usually, cats will bury their excrement after excretion, which is their instinct since 7 weeks old.


What is a cat's waste container?

Cat waste containers are usually filled with loose particles.

Cats instinctively go to the ground where they can dig and bury, so there is usually no need to potty train them.


How to choose the right cat litter?

Cat litter is generally made of paper, wood, desiccant, corn, wheat, or earth, and most cats tend to prefer litter that is most similar to sand and has no scent.

Cats are used to using a specific type of litter from an early age, so try to use the type of litter your cat is used to.


How to choose the right toilet?

Every cat has its preferences. In general, they prefer toilets where they can move freely and get in and out easily.

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